Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Method 7

I have created a Delicious account. It is quite easy, only takes a second. There are alot of things that I will learn as I go along, but the site offers lots of tips and ideas on using this service.

A place to store links on-line that can be accessed from any of our computers will help me to help others better. Also the ability to add links from any computer is really awesome.
 I can see that this could be very helpful to us at the library. I know that I would have been very glad the second or third time of searching for a form on some hard to get to site. (I make it sound VERY labor intensive huh?)  It IS annoying sometimes!

I want to check into Librarything also. We are forming a teen advisory group at our library this summer and I can see where we could use this site to allow our kids to post book reviews, suggestions and information in a place accessable to them and others from any computer.

I want to try it (Librarything) at home also as a way to keep track of my personal library.


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