Monday, August 22, 2011

Beyond Method #8

Here is the link to my screencast. 

I chose to use "screenr" mainly because I liked their instruction video better. It took several tries to get it right but that was only because I got tongue tied and couldn't spit the words out right.

I think that this could be a useful tool. It is easy to create and share. I had no idea that this sort of thing was available and look forward to finding ways to use it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beyond Method 7

This one is going to take more time than I have to dedicate to it right now. I have used Power Point in the past many times to do presentations for various church programs. I enjoyed working with it and got very comfortable with it.

I tried doing a presentation with Prezi but need to look at the help section a bit more I think. So far it is very confusing to me but I think with more time to play I could catch on.

 As we are getting close to the deadline for finishing this course I think I will press on to the next step and come back when I have more time to work on this.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beyond Method 6 Update

I added Moby Dick to my "Kindle" in about 2 minutes. This is the first time I have done this and would not hesitate to use this service again.

Also while I was at the Guttenberg site I signed up to help proofread books on their way to being e-books.

Summer Programs Drawing Crowds


We had a roll-over demo at the library this summer. Over 80 kids and parents came to watch the truck cab roll over and over.  Remember ... CLICK IT OR TICKET!

Beyond Method 6

To E-book or not to e-book ... That is the question.  We have been wanting to look into e-book lending.  Being a small East Texas town we have not had requests for e-books as of yet but at least one board member and I own a "Kindle", so we are interested in how this all works.  From the information provided I feel that we need to wait for a time before trying to equip our library to lend e-books.  I think that in the not too distant future there will be advances in this area that will make it more do-able for a smaller library.

I have been aware of the Guttenberg Project since I was fairly young. My Father was legally blind and we had a LARGE record player and got books on record regularly. I remember thinking how cool it was to listen to someone read to me anytime I wanted.
This is the link to the book I chose on the Guttenberg page. I have looked at it online and when I get home this evening I will add it to my "Kindle". I will let you know how that goes.

At the end of the day I love my e-reader and I know that with all the devices that can support e-books it is something that libraries will have to add to their inventory.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beyond Method 5

This was one that I have been looking forward to. I love the idea of having a place to keep track of books I have read and books that I have. I checked out both GoodReads and LibraryThing and decided to use GoodReads for now. I just liked the look and feel of this site better.

We have just started a book club at our library this past week and I think that this is an awesome way to keep everyone connected in our group. I will be setting up a page for our club members before we meet again.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beyond Method 4

In today's world I doubt that a week goes by that we don't help someone fill out an application for employment. I was really glad to find all the links that were shared in this lesson. I am sure that they will be very helpful as I help our patrons.We have resume programs on our computers at the library and have had several people use them.

 We are also about to offer free classes in computer basics at the library. A small, local computer shop here  in town is going to teach them for us. We are excited to get started with these. Maybe on down the line a ways we can also do a class on preparing resumes.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beyond Method 3

This one was a little annoying. When i went to create my map there were already businesses listed on our street. That would have been ok but they were in the wrong places. This is not one of google's best applications in my opinion. I may change my mind after playing for awhile. 

We are a very small community and I really don't see a need for a map. We are on the main street accross from the pizza place and next to the gazebo.

Anyway, here's a link to my map:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Beyond Method #2

I have had such fun this morning playing with the 2 customizable sites. I really like "iGoogle". Altho' both have access to the same offerings I liked the look of the "iGoogle" page better. I was able to use my own pictures to create a theme, which was just awesome.

I do think that the option of offering a "public" page for library patrons makes "netVibes" a better choice for library use. Putting links such as "Facebook", "YouTube", etc would be really helpful.

Our library does have a common home page for our patrons with information about schedules, programs, and fund raisers. I have included our page address so you can take a look.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

#1 Dust off that blog

I have begun the second set of lessons and I am excited to see what other new things i can learn. I have re-worked my blog and added more info and even worked up an avatar for my profile picture. I am registered and ready to go.

Thought I'd add another avatar that I did on "Manga". Fun stuff!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Method 12

So glad that I was able to participate in this course. I have learned so many things and have many more to explore further as our library grows and expands. I have enjoyed the lessons and look forward to being a part of the next set.

I loved the in plain english videos, they are easy to understand and not too cutzie.

I have really learned alot and look forward to using my new skills to help our library and it's patrons.

Thanks again,
I'm Believing,

Method 11

Podcasting...This one was very different for me. I don't really know anyone who is using this method. I can see where it could be used in several different ways by a library: book reviews, upcoming events, interviews, etc. At this time we are small and just getting started but in the future I am sure this will be used more and more.

I am glad to learn about these new things even if we are not able to use all of them now. I know that with technology growing daily we need to stay ahead of the game if we want our patrons to continue to use and enjoy our library.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smokey Bear

Smokey came to the library and talked with the kids about fire safety.
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Method 10

Meant to do this last week but we had a really full week at the library. I did set up a "Wiki" page for my family. It was very easy to do and I want to create one for our youth council to use.

I learned alot about "Wiki's", I think that they can be useful in giving patrons a place to request books and post reviews. Looking forward to using this more and more.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Method 10

Oh my gosh ... This was so fun! I went to the Wiki and posted my blog, added our library to list, and posted my favorites on several pages. It was very easy to do and I enjoyed looking at other posts from everywhere.

I think that this is awesome. I am going to see about setting up a Wiki for the new teen advisory group at our library. I think that this could be very useful not only for library things but also my family and church. I will post again after I give setting up one of my own a try.

Method 9

Once again I was surprised at what I didn't know about a subject that I thought I knew well. I got a meebo account on my laptop but since I only chat on Fb, and not alot of that, I haven't actually chatted with it yet. I read the articles and also chatted with a library in the Carolina's. That was really cool! I can see that in a large library this could be a great tool.

We are a small library, only 2 paid personel, and several volenteers, so it is not something that we will be able to utilize at this time.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Method 8

I was excited when we came to this subject because I already have and use my own Facebook account. Here is a link to my page.!/  I use it to keep up with my family, friends and even my church.

We also have a page for our library, here is a link for that.!/pages/Hughes-Springs-Area-Public-Library/10150162992715008  We promote programs, feature new books, and advertise fundraisers.

We have not worked with Twitter yet but I can see in our newer fast paced world where this could be a tool worth a longer look.

Needless to say there are sooo many more things about Fb and Twitter that I need to learn.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunset in East Texas

I know this has nothing to do with our studies, but "ain't it pretty"?
I did edit the pic on Picasa.
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Method 7

I have created a Delicious account. It is quite easy, only takes a second. There are alot of things that I will learn as I go along, but the site offers lots of tips and ideas on using this service.

A place to store links on-line that can be accessed from any of our computers will help me to help others better. Also the ability to add links from any computer is really awesome.
 I can see that this could be very helpful to us at the library. I know that I would have been very glad the second or third time of searching for a form on some hard to get to site. (I make it sound VERY labor intensive huh?)  It IS annoying sometimes!

I want to check into Librarything also. We are forming a teen advisory group at our library this summer and I can see where we could use this site to allow our kids to post book reviews, suggestions and information in a place accessable to them and others from any computer.

I want to try it (Librarything) at home also as a way to keep track of my personal library.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Method 6

It is easy to see how these kids spend hours roaming on YouTube. Wherever you begin there is always another video you just have to see. I myself found so many it was hard to choose just one to post.

I was also happily surprised to see the library videos. Many of them were cute or funny like the one posted in my last post. But also informative videos, concerts, lectures, etc.

It was very simple to post my selected video to my blog.

I want to try making my own video and posting it but will need a little practice first. I just got a new camera and need to play with it a bit before trying a video. I will post one soon I hope.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Librarian's Blues

Found this video on YouTube while searching keyword "library". Just thought it was cute, and don't we all wish we could sing this to our patrons.

Method5 Extra Credit

So glad I did this extra credit assignment. I really like the Picasa site much better than Flickr. The layout is just more user friendly to me. I know this is a matter of personal preference but I guess that's what this is all about.

I love the editing tools and have already made a collage. Downloading pics was faster on Picasa. Also know that this is open to all kinds of varying factors. (download speeds)

Awesome! Here is my collage. My husband and I went to Memphis last month, and I was playing with some of my pics from Graceland.

Anyway I really like using the tools on Picasa. Check it out ... It's fun!

Method 5

I really enjoyed this lesson. I set up an account with Flickr and placed a few pictures just for the assignment but I know that I will be using this or some other like site for my picture storage. I was much surprised when I told my oldest granddaughter that I had a Flickr account she said, "Wow, I don't even have one of those." I will do more playing with it and see how their editing tools work, but I am excited to be able to download directly from my camera to the site and share with whomever I choose.

I also see great benefit for our library in sharing pictures and ideas through this site. I love seeing what other librarys are doing and how.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top junior fiction books

Top junior fiction books by Carjhln
Top junior fiction books, a photo by Carjhln on Flickr.
This is a display showing some of the top junior fiction books that I set up in our library recently.

I have set up an account with "flickr" and am anxious to do more looking around on their site especially at other librarys to see what they are doing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Method 4

I have checked out "Google Reader" and have subscribed to several sites. It is fairly easy to do and I can see where I could spend alot of time gathering and enjoying this feature. But in the end I also see that it could be a real time saver having all your daily checked sites coming to you instead of having to go literally everywhere to check for updated news etc.

Method 3

I have used both links and am so excited to be able to save. edit and print documents in this new venue. I see many benefits from having access to these tools at our library. Documents made and saved are immune to system  crashes or misplaced zip drives. I look forward to sharing these tools with our library patrons.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Proud

Just a quick note ... This morning on the "Tech Bites" portion of the news they were talking about something being done in the "cloud" and I actually KNEW what he was talking about. Silly I know, but I just had to share.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Method 3

This is going to be the first of probably 2 posts abour this subject. I am going to have to do some more looking into these sites.
First off I am very excited about being able to compose documents in these other venues. Having gotten a new laptop for Christmas and missing out completely on my 30 or 60 day trial of "Word", I really thought that I was not ever going to be able to make a document again till I shelled out the well over 100 bucks for the program.
I guess this also lets you know how computer savy I am NOT!
Anyway these are such good sites that I will comment more after I have had time to check them out more.
I really don't know about storing all my data this way. Will have to investigate a little more about that. But I do see where this can be a great help to our patrons at the library. Those without internet in their homes and also travelers who come to check their e-mail etc. with us.

Methods 1 and 2

I just have to tell you that I have had no formal training to be a library worker. I worked for 7 or 8 years in our church library, which gave me the courage to apply when our new town library needed a library clerk.

Reading this article and hearing the video has made me totally rethink my role here at our library. I am old enough to remember a library with wooden cases full of cards and rubber hand stamps for due dates. We had no idea then of all the wonderous things that were to come in the world of our future. As I look at the young people today, both in my family and here at the library, it makes me want to learn all I can about the new tools that are available to us all.

Can't say that I shall ever be "smarter than a 5th grader" but I do want to know how to use whatever resources  are available to me  and be able to help others with them.

So I am excited to get started with this course. 
I am ...
Believing God

Just for kicks ...

I'm supposed to post a couple of these before I move on so here goes.

Just a note about the library where I am employed. We are in Hughes Springs, Texas. Up in the NE corner of Texas. Our library has been open now for 13 months, we are so excited to see  how the people in our area are using and enjoying it. We have recieved most of our books from donations, and still recieve more every week. It has been an exciting year and we are looking forward to a super summer season.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just getting started ...

OK ... This is all new to me but I am very excited to get started and learn all I can about new ways to use the internet. Anyway I'm just supposed to set this up and get on with my lesson so I'll be back soon.